Our vision is an open environment where researchers and research professionals are recognized for a wide range of behaviors and contributions that benefit the Open Research ecosystem.


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To recognize yourself and colleagues for contributions to a particular manuscript just add the DOI to the Rescognito URL - for example:

See your own Rescognito Open Ledger by adding your ORCID iD to the Rescognito URL .. - for example:


Our mission is to expand researcher recognition, to add transparency, increase effectiveness, and to improve research investment outcomes for individuals and institutions.

What we do: Rescognito provides a fair, open and granular platform for the recognition of a broad range research activity and good citizenship. Rescognito aims to allow researchers to openly acknowledge colleagues (and to be acknowledged by colleagues) for meaningful contributions to the research process, such as:

  • Publication
  • Mentoring
  • Teaching
  • Data sharing
  • Reproducibility practices
  • Sharing negative results
  • Participation in discussion groups
  • Software development
  • Clinical trials management
  • Leadership
  • Community outreach
  • Public engagement

The Rescognito Open Ledger draws on public information contained in researchers' ORCID® records. ORCID iDs provide a definitive way to uniquely identify individual researchers. DOIs, grant IDs and other persistent identifiers (PIDs) are also used where available as links to appropriate contributions.


Rescognito was founded by Richard Wynne and is implemented by a team based in Boston, MA and Montreal Canada.


Richard Wynne, founder of Rescognito, online presentation: "Structured Recognition via Rescognito and ORCID". See the video: – October 2019

Richard Wynne, founder of Rescognito, presenting at Transforming Research Conference. See video (starting at approximately 1hour 13 mins). – September 2019

Rescognito updated to support Institutional Recognition - August 2019

ORCID blog posting about Rescognito - July 2019

White Paper about measuring research impact - June 2019

Rescognito Beta Launched - June 2019

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