What is Rescognito?
Rescognito is a free, open online service that aims to offer a fairer and more democratic platform for recognizing researcher contributions.
What is a "COG"?
A "COG" is a unit of recognition.
What are Award COGs?
Award COGs are the COGs that you have available for you to recognize other researchers. Every researcher with an ORCID iD receives free Award COGs.
What if I've run out of Award COGs?
Every September 7th (COG day) your free Award COG balance will be topped-up. Rescognito may choose to periodically grant additional award COGs to you. If you need more COGs to award in the interim, please contact Rescognito about our institutional services.
I want to recognize somebody for a type of activity that is not listed - what do I do?
Rescognito uses the CRediT taxonomy (https://casrai.org/credit) for recognition of individual contributions to published articles. For general recognition, Rescognito uses an expanded list of terms. If you'd like to see a recognition activity added to the list, please contact us with your suggestion.
How does Rescognito make money?
The baseline Rescognito service is free to individual researchers. Rescognito offers fee-paying services to scholarly societies, research funders, publishers and universities who wish to recognize their own researchers and/or encourage specific research behaviours and activities.
What is ORCID®?
Rescognito makes use of information in ORCID for authoritative researcher identification. ORCID is a not-for-profit standards body that provides a 16 digit unique identifier for individuals to use with their name as they engage in research, scholarship, and innovation activities. More information at: https://orcid.org.
What is the Rescognito Open Ledger?
The Rescognito Open Ledger is a web page that summarizes all of the recognition received by a particular individual based on their ORCID iD. To see someone's Rescognito Open Ledger, you can use the Rescognito interface to search by name; or simply append their ORCID iD to the Rescognito URL, for example: https://rescognito.com/0000-0002-9217-0407.
Why aren't my publications displayed on my Rescognito Open Ledger?
Only publications listed in your ORCID record (including self-claimed publications) are displayed on your Rescognito Open Ledger (see an example: https://rescognito.com/0000-0003-0984-7665 ). So, if you want your publications to be available for recognition in Rescognito, please update your ORCID record to list your publications (and include DOIs whenever possible).
How do I add a publication to my ORCID record so that it is displayed on the Rescognito Open Ledger?
Log-in to your ORCID account, scroll down to the "Works" section of your ORCID record. Select "Add Works" and follow the steps to add a Work. Once your work has been added, it will be automatically displayed on your Rescognito page (if possible, always include its DOI).
The story behind Rescognito
Rescognito was founded by Richard Wynne and his team. Based in Boston, MA, USA, Richard Wynne has spent more than 30 years working with scholarly publication workflows. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardwynne/ Rescognito: https://rescognito.com/0000-0002-9217-0407. Rescognito will be guided and supported by an Advisory Board.
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